Locations & Hours:

Maiolatesi Wine Cellars

The Tasting Room @Maiolatesi Wine Cellars

32-B Cabernet Drive, Scott Township, PA. 18447

(570) 209-2198 For tasting room/reservations + large groups.

Sunday 12-5pm

Mon-Tuesday – Closed **Please refer to our calendar of events for extended holiday hours**

Wednesday -11-6pm **for holiday hours: maiolatesiwines.com/events/

Thursday 11-6pm

Friday- 11-9pm

Saturday 11-8pm

You can now find out wines in select Supermarkets & Bottle Shops:

Store Name:Location:Wines they sell:
WegmansDickson City1.5&750 MiaRose, MiaLabruscana, Merlot/Cab, Riesling, mango
WegmansWilkes Barre1.5&750 MiaRose, MiaLab, Merlot/Cab, 
GiantScranton (Nay Aug Ave)MiaRose, CayugaWhite, Sangiovese, Naked Chardonnay, CoalMinersRed, Blackberry, watermelon,
GiantDickson CityMiaRose, CoalMinersRed, Sangiovese, NakedChardonnay, watermelon, blackberry, CayugaWhite, mango sweet tea
WeisCarbondaleMiaLab, CayugaWhite, CoalMinersRed, blackberry, naked chardonnay, merlot/cab,
WeisScott TownshipMiaLabruscana, CayugaWhote, CoalMinersRed, blackberry
WeisClark SummitMiaLabruscana, Watermelon, peach, CayugaWhite, Merlot/Cab, naked chardonnay, CoalMinersRed, meritage
WeisDallasMiaRose, CoalMinersRed, Raspberry, Elderberry, mango sweet tea, watermelon, peach, merlot/cab, naked chardonnay
City MarketScranton strawberry, watermelon, cayuga white, mango seet tea, peach
GerritysClarks summit1.5&750 CoalMinersRed, MiaRose, MiaLabruscana, peach, mango sweet tea, blackberry
GerritysHanover Twp/LuzerneBlackbery, peach, mango sweet tea
GerritysMoosic1.5 & 750 CoalMinersRed, blackberry, peach,
GerritysWyomingCoalMinersRed, blackberry
GerritysKeyser1.5 MiaLabruscana, peach, mango sweet tea, blackberry
Beer ExpressSimpsonMia Labruscana, Raspberry, blueberry, peach, CoalMinersRed, CayugaWhite,
CFM              Forrest City 750Forrest CityMia Labruscana, Mia Rose, strawberry, CayugaWhite, Raspberry,
IronHillWaymartMia Labruscana, CoalMinersRed, peach, blackberry, watermelon, mango sweet tea, elderberry
SBCPittstonPeach, trippin berries, mangosweet tea, CoalMinersRed,

– Wegmans (Dickson City & Wilkes Barre)
– WEIS Food Markets
– GIANT Food Markets
– Convenient Food Mart
– City Market (Scranton, PA)
– Iron Hill Market (Waymart, PA)
– Sabitini’s Bottle Shop
– SBC Brewing Co (Pittston, PA)
– North Slope Brewing