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March 13, 2014

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Changes Rules for Winemakers

As an effort to promote the sale of Pennsylvania wines in state liquor stores, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board changed the rules at the beginning of March. “Previously, Pennsylvania wineries had to sell their wine to the PLCB for a significant discount to account for the agency’s markup and liquor tax,” said Joseph E. Brion, PLCB chairman. Now, the PLCB has eliminated the requirement that a licensed Limited Winery cannot sell wine at the winery for less than that same wine sells at Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores.

Sal, our winemaker was interviewed by WNEP news on the topic a couple weeks ago. He explained that while he was very interested to see how this might affect the PA wineries, he has not made the decision whether or not he will sell his wines in state liquor stores just yet. The decision comes down to whether or not this new law will actually be beneficial to PA winemakers, financially.

Watch the short video shot at our winery!