What you don’t know about our wines..

August 8, 2013

Interested to learn a little more about Maiolatesi Wines?

All of our wines are made on the premises in our very own wine cellar all year round. We do not have a vineyard on the premises due to the inclement weather our region endures. The climate is not suitable for growing our own grapes. Instead, Sal has spent a great deal of time researching and building relationships with his growers around the country. We import grapes for our wines from various areas including Erie, PA, Falls, PA, Southeast, PA, Long Island, NY, and Sonoma, CA. Around 70% of the grapes used to make Maiolatesi wines are from Pennsylvania.

Our sweet fruit wines are made with all natural juices that are added to various red and white wines. To date, our most popular and unique sweet wine is Sal’s creation- Mango Sweet Tea.

We have a large selection of fine dry red wines as well. Within the past few years, Sal has won awards for his Barrel Select Cabernet Franc and Meritage blend.